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Town of Pelham

Happy New Year from the Town of Pelham

Dear Pelham Friends and Neighbors:

As the year 2020 draws to a close, we reflect on a time that was extremely challenging for everyone, most especially those who fell ill to COVID-19 or lost a loved one to the virus, and who have faced other difficulties, such as financial hardship and educational challenges. The Town of Pelham is especially grateful to be a part of a community that rallied to support one another, our small businesses, our first responders, our schools, and local families in need.

Despite a number of hurdles, the Town of Pelham is happy to report that we are in a stable financial position.  We came in under budget for 2020, due in large part to the Recreation Department’s ability to quickly pivot and continue recreational programming, even while adhering to all of the safety requirements relating to COVID-19.   For the Town’s 2021 budget (which was approved at our last board meeting on December 14, 2020), there is only a slight increase in appropriations (.1013%) and a small increase in property taxes (1.495% of the overall amount collected).  We believe the slight increase in property taxes was needed due to the fact that some of the Town’s reserve funds will be expended on a critical upgrade to the Town’s phone lines, and to slightly increase the Town’s overall reserve funds in the event of another catastrophic event, such as a pandemic strike and we need more of a financial cushion.

We are hopeful that 2021 will bring a lot of positive changes.  While we still have a few difficult months ahead of us, and some of the Town functions are still somewhat limited, with the vaccine being rolled out and continued vigilance on the part of community members, we hope that life in the Town of Pelham will resemble some form of normalcy by the second half of 2021.

We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!


Dan McLaughlin, Supervisor

Rae Szymanski, Deputy Supervisor

Kristen Burke, Councilwoman

Timothy Case, Councilman

Maura Curtin, Councilwoman