Public Safety

Emergency Services

Fire Safety

All Town Hall buildings have installed Smoke and ion detectors and will sound early warning alarms upon detection of smoke/fire in order to evacuate the building. When alerted, please evacuate the building and follow all instructions/directions as quickly as possible

Fly-Car Emergency

The Town of Pelham Fly-Car is equipped with sufficient materials (equipment and drugs) to stabilize a patient in distress while waiting for an ambulance. The Fly-Car is stationed in Pelham and will be part of the Police and Fly-Car 1st response.


The Town of Pelham has a contract with Empress Ambulance Service to provide transportation to a local Hospital as quickly as possible.


All facilities are equipped with phone service capable of dialing 911 for connection to Police, Fire, Fly-car (EMS personnel), and Ambulance emergencies.

CPR and Defibrillator Training

There are operational Defibrillator units available for use by trained volunteers housed in the Town Hall, Town house, Public Library, and the Guidance Council.  The units are located in the following locations of each facility:

  • Town Hall - 2nd Floor, above refrigerator, near Assessors Office
  • Town House - Trotta Room, left of the entrance
  • Public Library - Staff room
  • Guidance Council - Near front door

All units are maintained and can provide adult and children, a defibrillating procedure for heart resuscitation.

Defibrillator and CPR training is available to all users of the above facilities and is provided by Empress Ambulance services.  Currently there are 26 persons qualified to provide the procedure.  All of the personnel qualified are picked from each group utilizing the facility.  Each group utilizing a facility should qualify 2 members for training.  Call 914 738 1642 to set up a time for training.

Westchester Emergency Sign Up

An emergency notification system for its residents and people working in the County in the event of a major disaster or catastrophic occurrence in order to disseminate important emergence information or update. If you wish to be contacted sign up using the following link: