Request For Proposal: Request For Proposal Town of Pelham, Westchester County, NY The Town of Pelham is soliciting proposals from qualified Ambulance Service Companies to provide emergency medical services (EMS), including one Advanced Life Support (ALS) Fly car and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance transport service.    RFP information packets are available in the office of the Town Clerk at 34 Fifth Ave., Pelham, NY 10803.  All sealed bids must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM on January 16, 2023.  For more information contact the Town Clerk’s office at (914)738-0777.

Town of Pelham

Legal Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Assessment Review of the Town of Pelham, having met and heard complaints in relation to real property tax assessments on June 21, 2022, and having set an adjourned date for the continued hearing of certain complaints heretofore filed, shall meet and hear the complaints filed with regard to the following:


163.76-2-36     526 Highbrook Ave                 163.68-2-9       316 Corlies Ave

163.68-2-29     339 Highbrook Ave                 163.83-1-1        671 James St

167.29-1-22      1019 Esplanade                        167.38-1-63      1335 Bolton Rd

166.43-1-16.1    110 Jackson Ave                      167.29-1-44      11 Bonmar Rd

163.68-1-10      602 Colonial Ave                      158.68-1-3        59 Chestnut Ave

166.28-1-38      920 Highland Ave                    158.84-1-86.2   442 1st Ave

159.61-1-13       775 Pelhamdale Ave                163.28-2-13      326 4th Ave

166.35-1-45      103 Townsend Ave                  163.68-1-15      420 Pelhamdale Ave

163.83-1-27      637 James St                          164.70-1-2        547 Manor Ridge Rd

166.27-2-28     852 James St                          167.29-1-59      1064 Esplanade                                             


PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that these adjourned hearings shall commence on

July __12__, 2022 beginning at _6:00__ p.m. at Town Hall, 34 Fifth Avenue, Town of Pelham, Westchester County, New York.

                                                            BY ORDER OF

                                                            THE TOWN OF PELHAM

                                                            BOARD OF ASSESSMENT REVIEW