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Message from the Pelham Citizens Nominating Committee

 Pelham Citizens Nominating Committee

Established in 1954 for the sole purpose to seek and nominate eligible candidates to The Pelham School Board, Pelham CNC is entirely independent of the Pelham School District and The Pelham Board of Education. The application and interview process are entirely confidential.  A Pelham CNC nomination is not an endorsement. It is an assessment that the candidate possesses the qualifications set forth by the NYS School Boards Association along with the qualifications specific to Pelham as set forth by the Pelham CNC. This assessment is carried out after careful consideration. Candidates likewise benefit from the due diligence process as it provides each candidate the opportunity to kick start their personal research into the role and refer to the committee for guidance, until the point of interview. Applications are now out. The deadline for submission is: Friday, 4 March at 8pm. To learn more, visit: www.pelhamcnc.com