Request For Proposal: Request For Proposal Town of Pelham, Westchester County, NY The Town of Pelham is soliciting proposals from qualified Ambulance Service Companies to provide emergency medical services (EMS), including one Advanced Life Support (ALS) Fly car and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance transport service.    RFP information packets are available in the office of the Town Clerk at 34 Fifth Ave., Pelham, NY 10803.  All sealed bids must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM on January 16, 2023.  For more information contact the Town Clerk’s office at (914)738-0777.

Town of Pelham

October Town Council Meeting

The Town Board will hold a Public Hearing to discuss Local Law#1 of 2021 regarding the reduction of the business investment tax exemption to zero.

The monthly Town Board meeting will take place immediately following the Public Hearing.

Both will be held via Zoom and will begin at 7:00PM on Monday, October 4.  

Please submit any questions to: [email protected]

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