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Town of Pelham

A Message of Thanksgiving from Pelham’s Town Board


We wanted to send you all good wishes for a Happy and safe Thanksgiving. This wonderful community has come together in so many ways to  work tirelessly in seeing us through these difficult times.  From our community partner, Pelham Together who has gone over and beyond the call of duty: from sewing face masks when there was a dire need; to helping deliver food to the needy; to providing information about mental health support services—we are so grateful to have them in our community. The Town Recreation Department was nimble to recalculate their offerings to run a modified camp this summer, and continued programming throughout the fall, despite all of the difficult restrictions.  The library and other Town services pivoted quickly, and managed to continue to operate through most of this COVID-19 pandemic because of the dedicated employees who want nothing more than to serve our community.  Our court personnel, with the tremendous help from our Town Constables, have been able to operate court in a smooth and orderly fashion.  And lastly, the team at Town Hall have succeeded at continuing to offer the services our residents need from marriage licenses to running a successful election.      

It seems, however, that without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better.  We ask that everyone continue to support our community and those in need all around us.  We also ask that you continue to take the precautions you have been doing these many months—because it has worked.  Our numbers have stayed down and we have not yet been deemed a cluster zone. Please stay vigilant over the coming holidays, for yourself, your neighbors and your community.  We are ever hopeful that 2021 will be a dawn of a new day for this community and this country.  With the positive news of the vaccines on their way, the end is in sight. We just need to get there—together.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dan McLaughlin

Rae Syzmanski

Kristen Burke

Tim Case

Maura Curtin