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Westchester County Departmernt of Health

Fact Sheet COVID-19


As you may have heard, a New Rochelle resident was determined to have been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) and is currently being treated at a New York City hospital. This is the second confirmed case in New York State and the first in the tri-state area. At 3pm today, Mayor Mullen and Village leadership joined a briefing with Westchester County officials to discuss the steps being taken to keep our residents safe.

At this point, there is no cause for undue alarm. The risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 in Westchester County remains low. Even in cases that may occur in our area, most people are likely to experience mild to moderate symptoms with full recovery. In addition to staying informed, you can reduce your risk of becoming infected by taking proper prevention measures similar to what is recommended to avoid the common cold and flu.

If you believe you may be infected with COVID-19, please do NOT go to the emergency room. Call your doctor first so that precautions may be taken to protect the health and safety of others.

Our local first responders are prepared to respond to any emergencies that arise, following protocols developed by the CDC in collaboration with the New York State and Westchester County Departments of Health. We will continue to monitor this evolving situation, communicate closely with area officials and provide updates as necessary.

If you have questions about COVID-19, the New York State Department of Health has set up a hotline at (888) 364-3065 where DOH experts will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Additional resources can be found at the CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 Situation Summary Webpage:

and the Westchester Department of Health Webpage: