Living Green

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

A message for the Public re: Green  (for recycling and environment)

Recycling, within Westchester County, has and is, law for all Residents, Municipalities (including Schools), and Businesses.  Also large Businesses/Institutions are required to file a solid waste disposable and recycling plan with the County periodically.   As a result of this dedication to the Green concept, the Town of Pelham Board is completely committed to the efforts and request that you visit our Green documentation often for pertinent information and changes as they occur.  The data contained in the following pages is anticipated to act as a guide in making our community more energy efficient and healthier for all.

Town of Pelham Recycling Guide

Village Of Pelham Manor Recycling Center Location:

Spring Street, Village of Pelham Manor, Off Boston Post Road, Just south of the Hutchinson River Parkway.

Center Site Open Period:

Monday - 9:00AM through 12:00
Thursday - 9:00AM through 12:00
Saturday - 9:00AM through 12:00

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Village of Pelham

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Westchester County

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